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How much is a report?

Depending on the report type, prices are as follows:

  • autoDNA Vehicle History Report: from 5,4€ (the price depends on the amount of information in the report)
  • autoDNA vehicle history report from Estonia: 8,9€
  • autoDNA vehicle history report from Netherlands: 4,9€
  • autoDNA vehicle history report from France: 8€
  • autoDNA vehicle history report from Belgium: 8€
  • AutoCheck report: 12,9€

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What kind of information I will get from report?

We strongly recommend that you do this every time you want to check a new VIN. Not only can you do this free of charge but it will also tell you what information you can expect to see in the report.

If before purchasing a vehicle history missing entries, this means that they will not be available after buying the paid version

Checking the vehicle doesn’t only mean explaining its history, mileage and accidents. It also means checking its original configuration, body colour, equipment, target market and a number of other factors.

Do you want more information about our reports? Clik here.

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For which vehicles you can buy report?

You can buy report for all vehicles (e. g. cars, trucks , buses, motorcycles, mopeds) which have a VIN number consisting of 17 characters in accordance with ISO – 3779.

You can find out more about the VIN numbers here.

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How can I pay for a report?

The following methods of payment are available at

  • Credit cards
  • Voucher
  • Paypal

In order to pay for the report by bank transfer, please click “Pay now”, choose Dotpay as type of payment, and click “Pay now” again. All the available methods of payment should appear; please choose “Bank transfer”. Once you click “Pay”, the data for bank transfer should appear.

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How can I check vehicle history with autoDNA?

Step 1 - Enter a 17-character VIN number in the VIN field and click Check VIN

Step 2 - The information availability page will open; it will show you what information regarding the vehicle whose number you are checking is available. By clicking “Buy the report” in the bottom right corner you will be able to purchase the report and download it in PDF format.

Step 3 - Choose what report you want to purchase, enter the e-mail address you want it sent to and choose the method of payment. After the purchase is made, a proof of payment will be sent to your e-mail address.

Step 4 - You will be able to see the selected report on-line but we will also send it to the e-mail address you provided during registration,

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How long do I have to wait for my report?

You will get a report automatically after receiving the payment on your e mail. Depending on the payment method for accounting for payments we need a few minutes upwards.

You can also download the PDF report within up to 60 days from purchase. In order to do this, please log in to using the e-mail address provided during registration and choose the icon you will see in the top right-hand corner of the main page. The report is available for download in “My reports” tab.

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